Law School Application Workshop

Help for crafting an effective personal statement

A workshop for University of Delaware students who are interested in law school will be held from 5-6 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 21, in 123 Memorial Hall.

The workshop will focus on the personal statement that applicants submit with their applications to law school and will offer help with the crucial skills of writing clearly and concisely and constructing a compelling narrative.

"An effective personal statement is a key component of the law school admissions process," said Phillip Mink, assistant professor of English and the College of Arts and Sciences' pre-law adviser, who is leading the workshop. "In fact, a good statement can make the difference between acceptance and denial, and it can determine the level of funding."

Most law schools don't interview prospective students, Mink noted, so the written personal statement is especially important.

"Students have to define themselves with a compelling story that will appeal to a law school admissions committee—all in one page," he said.

The workshop will provide guidance in the processes of finding a topic, effectively telling the story and intensively rewriting and revising the statement.

Mink, who teaches legal writing and is also a practicing attorney, was a 2016 recipient of the University's Excellence in Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring Award.

The workshop is sponsored by UD's Career Services Center and the student HenLaw Society.
Article by Ann Manser September 20, 2017

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