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2013 Fall

Course Listing

Use the table below to search the English course catalog by professor, program requirements, college or university requirements, and semester offered. Click on the criteria in each column to filter the results of your search. The total number of courses that meet your search criteria will appear directly below the table. You can select categories from more than one column to further narrow your results. To clear your search, uncheck each selection in the table or click the “Reset All Filters” link beneath the table.
To see the focus of the course, prerequisites, professor, and class meeting schedule, click on the course number in the list below the table. The “UD Course Catalog: Sections” link will show the number of open seats available.

Students should refer to the Requirements Checksheet for their concentration, minor, or degree program for a detailed explanation of program requirements.

NOTE: Checking multiple boxes in a column produces courses that match ONE (NOT ALL) of the filter criteria -- click on the course number for details. All course information is provided for planning purposes only: students are encouraged to discuss course selections with academic advisors. While we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, the only authoritative sources for information about the course catalog and requirements can be found at the following University webpages: Courses Search, University Breadth Requirements, and College of Arts and Sciences Breadth Requirements.
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