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ENGL462 Experiential Learning<p>Whether you want a career in marketing, public relations, technical writing/editing, publishing, social media management, or you plan to go to graduate school or law school, an e-portfolio helps you tailor your materials to showcase your best writing and media samples.  We’ll craft, develop, and edit your work while also analyzing job ads, resumes, cover letters, and how to create a professional social media presence.  At the end of the semester, UD alumni will visit to review and workshop your portfolios. ENGL 462:</p><ul><li>Is reserved for Senior/Junior English majors to satisfy the English Capstone requirement.  </li><li>Satisfies the university Discovery Learning Experience (DLE) requirement and the univeristy Capstone requirement.<br></li></ul><p> </p>0
ENGL410 Technical Writing<div class="ExternalClass8EF85466452C49A78FA4193380A3755E"><p>Selected problems in technical communications, the preparation of reports and technical editing. Seats reserved for Seniors and Juniors majoring in Agriculture & Natural Resources; Business & Economics; and Engineering. Unused seats will be released to students in all majors on February 7, 2020.<br>ENGL 410 satisfies the Second Writing Requirement.<br></p></div>0
ENGL409 Topics in Journalism<div class="ExternalClassE577CC04F70646299724CAB641BAE268"><p>Can be taken up to 3 times when topics vary. Prerequisite: ENGL 110. Special topics change each semester. For Fall 2019:<br>Section 010: Food, Film, & Tech Reporting with Professor Dawn Fallik<br>Section 011: Social Media & Start-Ups with Professor Deborah Howlett<br></p><p>ENGL 409 satisfies the College Second Writing requirement<br></p></div>0
ENGL345 African American Literature II<p class="ExternalClass57DAC8CE87C5463BA30F3C1C71294C28">No, you don't need to have taken ENGL 344-African American Lit I, in order to take ENGL 345. One is not the prerequisite for the other. The only difference is they each cover literature from different time periods.</p><p class="ExternalClass57DAC8CE87C5463BA30F3C1C71294C28">For our purposes, "literature" will be broadly defined to include songs, film, poetry, plays and fiction by major African American artists of the 20th century.</p><p class="ExternalClass57DAC8CE87C5463BA30F3C1C71294C28">We'll confront fundamental issues that still shape our early 21st century lives such as racism, poverty, urban violence and police brutality, black nationalism, and the continuing legacy of American slavery. We'll explore: How do various writers, artists, and cultural icons "perform blackness" in their work? What is "Black Art" and who is it for? How do political and economic circumstances, in a particular era, affect artistic production by African Americans?</p><p class="ExternalClass57DAC8CE87C5463BA30F3C1C71294C28">ENGL 345 is crosslisted with AFRA 345.</p><div class="ExternalClass57DAC8CE87C5463BA30F3C1C71294C28">ENGL/AFRA 345:</div><div class="ExternalClass57DAC8CE87C5463BA30F3C1C71294C28"><ul><li>Satisfies the Group B: History and Cultural Change Breadth Requirement<br></li><li>Satisfies the Second Writing Requirement<br></li><li>Satisfies the university Multicultural Requirement</li></ul></div>0

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