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Internships for Credit

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English majors have many marketable skills (critical reading, analysis, verbal and written communication) and those skills can lead to many different career options. Internships are designed to help students think about those career options and acquire experience that will help them as they begin their careers while earning course credit. Below are the English Department's internship options.

English 464

English 464 provides an opportunity for students to receive credit for gaining practical, professional, hands-on work experience related to their English degree. Previous internships have been with hospitals, publishing houses, and on-campus, among many others. ENGL 464 supervised by the English Department Internship Coordinator and the on-site internship supervisor.

ENGL 464 counts towards capstone credit.

  • Be of junior or senior standing
  • All internships must be approved by Internship Coordinator
  • Must be taken in Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters
  • Taken for 3 credit hours

Here is the syllabus  for ENGL 464 for further information.

*If you are a declared professional writing concentrator, contact Professor Meg McGuire  for more information. If you declared an English major in Fall 2015 or later, please contact Susan Donley  for more information.

English 469

This internship is an opportunity for intensive study of a field or topic related to their field of study with a specific faculty member. This may be done through work experience (much like ENGL 464 above), an independent research project or as a research assistant for a larger field project such as working in museum or creating website. ENGL 469 is supervised by an interested faculty member. This can be taken from 1-3 credits. ENGL 469 counts as a Discovery Learning Experience credit.

Requirements:Be of junior or senior standing Submit a proposal of expectations and goals for the semester to faculty supervisor

Internship Forms

Internship Contract Supervisor Midterm Evaluation Supervisor Final Evaluation Internship Report Assignment 

 Please note that all internships for credit must be approved by the Internship Coordinator.

* Many summer internships require students to take credit. If you do not need the credit, you can sign up for a single credit through either ENGL 469 or UNIV 362 (this counts as an elective).

Please contact Professor McGuire  to discuss these options.


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Internships for Credit
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Internships for Credit
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