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Professor Peter Feng speaks with filmmakers, Rea Tajiri and Grace Lee

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Professor Feng will lead a discussion with Asian American women filmmakers, Rea Tajiri and Grace Lee.  (Tajiri on April 28 and Grace Lee on May 5).  Watch their films before or after.  They are both engrossing documentaries (60 minutes and 90 minutes), each centering on an Asian American activist.

When organizing these events last Fall, it was decided to focus on Asian American activists working in and for the African American community. It’s been a very difficult time for the Asian American community, since Indianapolis, since Atlanta, since the demonization of China. These films were chosen, not to elevate Asian Americans, but because Kochiyama and Boggs (and the filmmakers, Rea Tajiri and Grace Lee) are fighting for all of us.

Please attend if you can. Or at least, watch these two films – you will be glad you did. 

Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice - A Discussion with filmmaker Rea Tajiri on April 28th

Click here to register.  This link can be used for both events.

To stream the film, click here.

Yuri Kochiyama was by her own words completely apolitical, even after internment in Arkansas during World War Two. She didn’t become politicized until the Civil Rights movement. She moved to Harlem and she cited Malcolm X as her North Star (famously, Yuri ran to the stage at the Audubon Ballroom and cradled Malcolm in her lap). She was arrested for occupying the Statue of Liberty to secure the release of Puerto Rican nationalists whom she recognized as political prisoners. She practiced civil disobedience but she also supported armed struggle. She was a fascinating, charismatic, and complicated personality.

American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs - A Discussion with Filmmaker Grace Lee on May 5

Click here to register. This link can be used for both events.

To stream the film, click here.

Grace Lee Boggs earned her PhD at the age of 25. In the 1940s she worked with C.L.R. James and called on the Communist Party to look to Black workers to lead the revolution. In the 1950s she moved to Detroit because that’s where the workers were. She remained in Detroit for the rest of her life (she passed in 2015), working to rebuild that community.

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Discussions with two Asian American Women Filmmakers
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Professor Peter Feng speaks with filmmakers, Rea Tajiri and Grace Lee
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