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Job Placement

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Image of graduate student training for a television interview

‚ÄčAbove: Sam Nystrom participating in a DELPHI television interview session.

‚ÄčOur program has long taken an active role in helping our graduate students compete for good jobs.  For students undertaking academic job searches, we prepare graduate students for every step of the academic job search. We combine group meetings with one-on-one advising sessions and mock interviews in order to make sure that our students are prepared to compete for jobs. 

Our program also strongly believes in preparing graduate students for careers outside of the academy. We offer a number of internships and practical assistantships that help students gain skills that they can transfer to careers in publishing, museums, libraries, and more. Students are encouraged to participate in funded programs like DELPHI (pictured), which prepares them to communicate their research to public audiences.

Visit our Post-Graduate Career Highlights page to see our placement data. 

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Job Placement
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