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Grad News
Jessica Conrad Receiving Dissertation Prize

​From left to right, UD President Assanis; Jessica Conrad, dissertation award winner; John Ernest, chair of the Department of English.

Jessica Conrad  received this year’s Wilbur Owen Sypherd Dissertation Prize for her dissertation, Boycott: Literary Interventions in the American Marketplace 1820-1880. She has recently joined Kent State University at Stark as an Assistant Professor of English.

Carolyne King recently accepted a position at Salisbury University, where she will serve as the new Director of First Year Writing and Assistant Professor of English. 

Carolyne King is also the winner of our first departmental Graduate Student Teaching AwardCaitlin Larracey was the runner-up for the award.

Monet Timmons received Emory's Rose Library Short-Term Fellowship to use the archives for her project on slavery at Emory University.

Kaari Newman’s article, "Temple Bar’s New Portrait of Femininity: Active Domesticity in Mary Braddon’s Aurora Floyd,” was recently published in "Victorian Popular Journalism and Fiction: Interactions," a special issue of The Wilkie Collins Journal edited by Janine Hatter and Helena Ifill. 

Seda Öz has had an essay, “Following the Flâneur Hulot in Playtime: The Soundscape of the New Paris”, accepted for publication in the Routledge Companion to European Cinema, edited by Gabor Gergely, Routledge, 2020. She also has two reviews out, one on Kyle Meikle’s recent book in the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, and one in the Journal of Religion and Film.

Mali Collins-White has organized “The Black Textual as the (Im)material: (Im)possibilities of Historical Memory for Black Violence,” which will be presented at the 2020 MLA Convention.  The workshop for scholars, “Transgressing Academic Borders: Public Humanities and Black Feminism,” and the panel, “Un-reading Dispossession from Black Womxn’s Activism,” will both be at this years' NWSA.

Memorial Hall

​Memorial Hall is the English Department's home on campus

2019-2020 Competitive GAships and Full-year Fellowships Recipients:

Samantha Nystrom and Caitlin Larracey both received COAS doctoral fellowships for 2019-2020 

Michael Doss will be serving as the new assistant to the Center for Material Culture Studies 

Brett Seekford will serve as the Assistant Director of Composition 

Noah Smith will be serving as an assistant to the U.D. Press 

Matt Rinkevich will serve as Associate Editor of College English 

Rebecca Olsen will serve as the Winterthur G.A. 

Jack Truschel will be serving as the assistant to ThingStor 

Jessica Thelen will be serving as a G.A. for CTAL 

Sean Lovitt will serve as a T.A. for Women’s Studies  

Kaari Newman will serve as the DGS research assistant

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Alumni Profile
Headshot of Jane Wessel

Jane Wessel earned her Ph.D. at U.D. in 2016. She’s currently working as an assistant professor in 18th Century literature at Austin Peay State University. She recently completed a month-long fellowship at the Houghton Library, working with materials related to R.B. Sheridan that relate to her book project on literary property and the eighteenth-century stage. She has an article forthcoming in The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation in Spring 2019. Teaching-wise, she notes that “in Spring 2018, I created a set of linked courses with faculty in Theatre and Communication in which our students worked together to produce a podcast on Restoration Shakespeare. The podcast episodes should be available publicly this winter, after the audio engineers finish editing them." 

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