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Funding for Prospective Students

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Who Gets Funded?

​Everyone. Our program funds about fifty students each year, reserving stipends for approximately a dozen new students each year. Although we allow late applications to the program without funding, our initial offers are for fully-funded spots.

How Much Funding is Available?

​The base stipend for the 2018-19 academic year will be $20,000, paid from September through May. All students on stipend receive free tuition during Fall and Spring semesters and have the opportunity to purchase at minimal cost the University's graduate student accident and sickness insurance plan. Students are also eligible to teach in the summer or winter sessions (depending on course availability) for extra income.

How Long Does the Funding Last?

​As long as satisfactory progress towards the degree is being made, students admitted to the PhD program will receive funding for six years if admitted to the program with a BA. Students admitted with an MA will have reduced course requirements and will receive funding for five years. Students who take longer to complete the PhD can have their tuition paid if they teach two courses per semester on a contract basis.

What are the Funding Opportunities?

​Most students receive their funding for teaching three courses per year. Some teach fewer courses and do tutoring in the University Writing Center. And still others serve as research assistants to individual professors in the English Department. Our program also places graduate students in assistantships in other units in the university, such as the English Department's Writing Program, the Library's Special Collections Department and the Winterthur Program. We aim to provide each PhD student with a fellowship to relieve them of teaching duties and facilitate work on the dissertation.

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Funding for Prospective Students
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