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Graduate Student Publications

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  • Nash, Joseph. "How to Be: Buddhism, Boredom, and the Practice of Awareness in The Pale King,” The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies 1, no. 1 (2018). 

  • Clark, Petra. "Bitextuality, Sexuality, and the Male Aesthete in the Dial: ‘Not through an orthodox channel’. " English Literature in Transition. Vol. 51.1. (2013) Journal Article.


  • Pelt, April. "Advertising Agency: Print Culture and Female Sexuality in "Nausicaa"" James Joyce Quarterly. Vol. 48.1. (2012) Journal Article.


  • Pelt, April. "Weary of our own legacies: Rethinking Jane Eyre’s Inheritance through Jamaica Kincaid’s The Autobiography of My Mother" ARIEL. Vol. 41. Issue #3-4 (2011) : pp 73-90. Journal Article.


  • Williams, Rita. "The King's Two Bodies, and the Slave's: Diasporic History in The Whole History of Grandfather’s Chair."Nathaniel Hawthorne Review. Vol. 36. Issue #1 (2010) : pp 165-185. Journal Article.


  • Atlas, Janel. "Subjects in Becoming: Photographs in the European Black Diaspora" Cultural Studies. (2013) Journal Article.


  • Zeleny, Rachael. "Painting an Ethos: The Actress, the Angel and Pre-Raphaelite Ellen Terry" Rhetoric Review . (2013) Journal Article.


  • Zeleny, Rachael. "‘Self-Appointed Executioner’: The Late Nineteenth-Century Actress and George Paston’s A Writer of Books " Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies. (2013) Journal Article.


  • Zeleny, Rachael. "Ophelia, the Singing Corpse: Pleasure and the Gaze in Where the Wild Roses Grow" Neo-Victorian Studies. (2010) Journal Article.


  • Patterson, Sarah. "Towards Meaning-making in the Digital Age: Black Women, Black Data and Colored Conventions"Forthcoming in Common-Place. (2015) Journal Article.


  • Clark, Petra. "'Cleverly Drawn’: Oscar Wilde, Charles Ricketts and the Art of the Woman’s World." Journal of Victorian Culture . Vol. 20.3. (2015) Journal Article.

  • Oz, Seda. "‘Bakhtinian Contextuality’ in Adaptation Studies: Screen Robinson Subverting the Source" Oxford Journal of Adaptation. (2016) Journal Article.


  • Oz, Seda and Sinan Akilli. "‘No More Let Life Divide...’: Victorian Metropolitan Confluence in Penny Dreadful" Critical Survey. Vol. 28.1. (2016) : pp 15-29. Journal Article.

  • Oz, Seda and Sinan Akilli. "Relevance through Ambivalence in the Girl’s Own Paper: ‘Robina Crusoe’ as a Popular Girl’s Robinsonade" Hacettepe University Journal of Faculty of Letters. Vol. 32.2. (2015) : pp 215-228. Journal Article.

  • Rezaie, Naghmeh. "Here without Me: The Cross-Cultural Adaptation of The Glass Menagerie in Iranian Cinema." The Tennessee Williams Annual Review, no. 17, 2018, pp. 37–65.

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Graduate Student Publications
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