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  • Devon Miller-Duggan,

    314 Memorial Hall


    Books: Pinning the Bird to the Wall (Tres Chicas Books, 2008) Neither Prayer, Nor Bird (forthcoming from Finishing Line Press) Courses taught: ENGL110 - Honors (various subjects) ENGL200 - Approaches to Literature ENGL207 - Introduction to Poetry ENGL301 - Expository Writing ENGL304 - Introduction to Poetry Writing ENGL367 - Editing the Small Magazine (experimental, ca. 1982) CMLT203 - Western Literature to 1660 CMLT204 - Western Literature since 1660 ARSC295 - Arts Forum for Distinguished Scholars ARSC390 - Honors Colloquia (various subjects, including Western Masterpieces Since 1660, The 60s, Genre Fiction, The Fisher King, Metaphors Be With You)









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University of Delaware
  • Department of English
  • 203 Memorial Hall
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  • University of Delaware
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