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<div class="ExternalClass92FBAE33F6054D749B8286E68319B7EC">Dr. Jeanne Murray Walker (BA Wheaton College, Chicago; PhD University of Pennsylvania) is the author of seven volumes of poetry, the latest of which is New Tracks, Night Falling (Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2009). She is a frequent contributor to periodicals such as Poetry, The American Poetry Review, Southern Review, The Georgia Review, The Kenyon Review, The Nation, and Image. She gives readings, runs workshops, and speaks across the United States and abroad. Her poems appear in print anthologies, as well as on the radio, the web, and in busses and trains under the auspices of the Poetry in Motion project. The author of many essays, she has also written extensively for the theatre. Her scripts include Inventing Montana, Tales From The Daily Tabloid, Rowing Into Light on Lake Adley, and The Queen's 2 Bodies: The Double Life of Elizabeth I. They have been produced in Boston, Washington, Chicago, throughout the Midwest, and in London. Published by Dramatic Publishing, her scripts also appear in North American Women's Drama, a scholarly online reference work published by Alexander Street Press. Her work has been honored with prizes and awards including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, seven Pennsylvania State Arts Council Fellowships, the Prairie-Schooner Reader's Choice and Strousse Awards, many new play prizes, and the prestigious Pew Fellowship in the Arts. She serves on the Editorial Board of Shenandoah. Professor Walker taught poetry and script writing workshops at the University, as well as courses in poetry, theatre, and the English Renaissance. She helped to design Study Abroad courses in London, which she taught for two decades, and she administered The University of Delaware Script Writing Competition.</div>jwalker@udel.eduWalker, Jeanne<img alt="" src="/Images%20Bios/FAC_Walker_Jeanne-32_180.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> English, Wheaton College; M.A. English, Loyola University; Ph.D. English, University of Pennsylvania



Ambition: Essays by Members of the Chrysostom SocietyWalker, JeanneLuci ShawCascade BooksEugene, OR2015 a world of selfies and social media, where each of us reach for "fifteen minutes of fame," as Andy Warhol put it, is it good or bad to have ambition? Without ambition how is it possible to do anything well? But ambition can feed on itself, take over, become insatiable. A goal, duly accomplished, often leads to greater plans. Success with those plans leads to even grander possibilities, and soon blatant ambition is running the whole show. Nine members of the Chrysostom Society of Writers asked themselves what role ambition has played in their lives. The volume, Ambition, is the result: a collection of essays in which, with striking honesty, they muse on their own motivations and experiences of ambition. The book contains a fascinating spectrum of responses and cautions, ranging from Diane Glancy's praise of ambition as a gift, to Eugene Peterson's narrative about how busyness can become spiritually crippling. Along the way Dain Trafton ponders his family's respect for ambition, on the one hand, and on the other, biblical condemnations of overweening pride. Erin McGraw argues that the extent to which ambition is good or bad depends upon the goal, the what for which one is ambitious. Jeanne Murray Walker wrestles with the ambivalences that accompany the gender-specific challenges of a woman with ambitions, while Gina Ochsner offers an entertaining appraisal of ambition's insatiability. Luci Shaw recounts her ambivalence regarding her literary acknowledgment. And Emily Griffin reflects on her own wrestling with the lure of "Fame." Finally, Bret Lott urges that wherever we are, having achieved our ambitions or still struggling with them, they should take a back seat to gratitude. The purpose of Ambition is to inspire honest self-searching. It will encourage readers to probe their own identities and purposes, helping them to find a balance between hubris and self-abnegation. What is the legitimate role of ambition in a sane and ethical person's life? Does gender affect ambition? What does it mean to be justifiably ambitious for our children? How can we set and maintain limits for ambition in our own lives? These questions may be more urgent now than they have ever been. The fresh and original thinking of well-known and widely-published authors will challenge the readers' pre-conceptions, leaving them to ponder their own deeper reasons for doing what they do.jwalker
The Geography of Memory: A Pilgrimage Through Alzheimer'sWalker, JeanneCenter StreetNew York2013 poet Jeanne Murray Walker tells an extraordinarily wise, witty, and quietly wrenching tale of her mother's long passage into dementia. This powerful story explores parental love, profound grief, and the unexpected consolation of memory. While Walker does not flinch from the horrors of "the ugly twins, aging and death," her eye for the apt image provides a window into unexpected joy and humor even during the darkest days. This is a multi-layered narrative of generations, faith, and friendship. As Walker leans in to the task of caring for her mother, their relationship unexpectedly deepens and becomes life-giving. Her mother's memory, which more and more dwells in the distant past, illuminates Walker's own childhood. She rediscovers and begins to understand her own past, as well as to enter more fully into her mother's final years. The Georgraphy of Memory is not only a personal journey made public in the most engaging, funny, and revealing way possible, here is a story of redemption for anyone who is caring for or expecting to care for ill and aging parents-and for all the rest of us as well.jwalker
New Tracks, Night FallingWalker, JeanneWilliam B. Eerdmans PublishingGrad Rapids, MI2009"About God and language, she speaks with a fine sense of negative capability. Belief is problematic; prayer isn't easy: In prayer lies prayer's answer. In the calling out,/ the visitation. In the arrow lives the target's eye (Praying for Rain in Santa Fe). Thomas Merton would have liked the ecumenical Asian echo of that last line.... In her poems she writes about 9/11, revenge, forgiveness, greed, domestic violence, art, a con artist, Bergman, Shakespeare, leather gloves, ruby earrings, a hawk, sparrows, dogs, and other topics of common interest made uncommonly interesting." --The Hudson Review, Autumn 2009 "Good poems are fresh ways of seeing. Here's Adam, quickly disillusioned with Eve for naming the yak the yak and singing off-key, yet "learning to love what he's been given." Such poems supply the faith-deep, myth-deep underpinnings for the book's rich sense of the ordinary and the now.... Jeanne Murray Walker leaves her readers with the feeling of enormous power held in reserve only by the true instincts of a superb artist. This is her finest book." --Rod Jellema jwalker
Shadow and Light: Literature and the Life of FaithWalker, JeanneAbilene Christian University PressAbilene, TX2005 anthology of literature from 1300-2005 includes essays, fiction, poetry, and drama, primarily from the Christian tradition, but from other religious traditions as well. In it appear such writers as John Donne, John Henry Newman, Thomas Merton, Frederick Douglas, Nathaniel Hawthorn, Leo Tolstoy, Willa Cather, Alice Munro, Alice Walker, T. S. Eliot, Emily Dickinson, and Czeslaw Milosz. The book offers a breadth of ethnic diversity and reclaims some brilliant work which has been out of print for many years. The third edition will be published in 2013. "Thanks to this new edition of Shadow and Light, the literature of faith is back on the playing field." --Eugene Peterson "Shadow & Light is now the stand-out, single-volume faith and literature text." --Image Update, January 2006 jwalker
A Deed to the LightWalker, JeanneUniversity of Illinois PressUrbana, IL and Chicago2004"Underlying the overall intensity of the collection is... the startling juxtapositions of images and sudden metaphors which surprise the reader again and again. For her past work Walker has received numerous fellowships, from the NEA and the Pew Foundation, and her plays have been produced in such major cities as Chicago, Boston, and London. But she never loses the familiar touch, the honest voice." --The Midwest Quarterlyjwalker
Coming into HistoryWalker, JeanneCleveland State Univ Poetry CenterCleveland, OH1991
Fugitive AngelsWalker, JeanneDragon Gate Pr; 1st Ed.1985 April
Nailing Up the Home Sweet Home (Csu Poetry Series)Walker, JeanneCleveland State Univ Poetry Center; First Edition edition Cleveland, OH1980 October





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