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  • Naghmeh Rezaie, Teaching Assistant

    Teaching Assistant
    116 Memorial Hall
    (302) 831-3352


    Naghmeh is a PhD candidate interested in inter-textual relations within and beyond socio-geographical boundaries. She currently works on adaptation theory and theory of national/global cinema and approaches page-to-screen adaptations as intersections of trans-national encounters and cross-cultural dialogues. She conducted her Master’s thesis research at the University of Tehran on Tennessee Williams’s cinematic adaptations, titled: Dramatic Text from Page to Screen: A Comparative Study of Tennessee Williams's Plays and Their Cinematic Productions through Theories of Adaptation (2013). Her doctoral dissertation focuses on cross-cultural adaptations in post-revolutionary Iranian cinema and post-WWII French cinema. Naghmeh teaches courses on academic writing and cinema studies. She is also a poet and translator with six Persian poetry collections and two literary translations published in Iran. Naghmeh means Melody

    Graduate Advisor

    Thomas Leitch

    First Year at UD










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University of Delaware
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