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ARAK Award Winners

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2018 Arak Award Winners

John Bachman -Paternoster, "Antibiotics and Superbugs?"

Gillian Crawford, "Contemporary Impact of the Fates of Confederate Officials"

Daniel Scanlon, "Separate But Equal:  Education of Slaves in the Antebellum South and Blacks in America Today Separate but Equal"

Marina Smolens , "The Ethics and Aesthetics of Photojournalism"

Mya Soukaseum, "The Price of Beauty:  Methacrylates in the Artificial Nail Industry"

2017 Arak Award Winners

Stella Castor, "Filling the Epicene Gap: Suggested gender-neutral third person singular pronouns"

Jasmine Edwards, "Recognizing Our Failures: Repairing the Rape Kit Backlog in Delaware"

Patrick Reyes, "A Greater Price to Pay: Poverty and Food Insecurity"

Nicole Simpson, "Defeating the Boogeyman: Dream Analysis as a Method for Trauma Healing"

Natalie Walton, "Bedroom Advocacy: How Advocating From the Comfort of Our Own Homes Has Impacted American Politics"

Courtney Zozulia, "Science of the Supermarket: An Analysis of Consumerism in the Developed World"

Here is the list of Arak Award Winners .

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ARAK Award Winners
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ARAK Award Winners
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