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edTPA Assessment

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As of July 2016, the state of Delaware Department of Education requires that each student wanting licensure to teach in the state of Delaware will have to submit a portfolio to an external assessment agency. The English faculty at the University of Delaware has chosen to use the external teaching assessment called PPAT

PPAT is designed by ETS, the same group who provides the Praxis series of exams, for students who are required by their states to have an assessment of their teaching skills beyond that required by the program. For more information, go to the ETS website.

While the education faculty will be guiding students and helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the PPAT assessment, the assessment is independent of the program. Don't worry. The English Education program will prepare you for the skills and knowledge you need to construct a passing portfolio for the PPAT.

In the ENGL 491 class scheduled each fall for those who have qualified to advance to professional year as student teaching students will begin the process of preparing documents and collecting data needed for the PPAT. In the spring during student teaching, you will use your student teaching experiences to collect data, film your teaching student experiences, and write the assessments that are submitted to PPAT for external assessment after student teaching.

More information will be provided throughout the program in each of the methods courses.

For those seeking licensure in New York and New Jersey, you will need to submit a similar external assessment called edTPA. During ENGL 492, you will be guided through this assessment. Be assured that you will be prepared to complete these external assessments, whether edTPA or PPAT.  For those seeking licensure in New Jersey, the New Jersey Department will accept the PPAT, if you have used your PPAT scores to secure a teaching license in Delaware.

The state of New York will only accept the edTPA. The English Education faculty and the Office of Clinical Studies will provide assistance to you if you need to submit this program.

As more becomes available about the PPAT, we will provide that information on this website and in the classes.

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edTPA Assessment
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edTPA Assessment
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