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  • Mary Akhimien
    Attorney at Connolly Gallagher LLP

    Mary Akhimien is a business law attorney at Connolly Gallagher LLP. While at UD, Mary cultivated a habit of excellence by taking rigorous courses with professors who were known to be ?hard graders.? In addition to her English degree, she minored in Legal Studies and Philosophy. Mary was also actively involved in numerous student organizations. She was President of the Pre-law Students Association, Vice President of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Fraternity and Secretary of the University's Gospel Choir. Mary was also active in the Center for Black Culture's Each One Reach One Program and volunteered to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Ninth Ward section of New Orleans during her senior year.

    ary credits the English program with helping her to become a better writer and thinker. Mary encourages all students to pursue their dreams and never succumb to fear. Her motto is, ?Do your best and let God take care of the rest!

  • Danielle Allen
    Graduate student, Masters in School Counseling

    Upon graduation, Danielle took a job teaching Honors Survey American Literature at Century High School in Sykesville, MD.? Majoring in English at the University of Delaware helped her prepare for the difficult content she is currently teaching her students. Taking a variety of English courses in literature, creative writing, and journalism allowed her to master the modes of discourse she encourages her students to use in her classroom. She was also a leader in her Arts, Humanities, and Communications academy and the Class of 2014 Sponsor. Danielle is now pursuing a Masters in School Counseling.

  • Erinn Batykefer
    Co-founder and Managing Editor, The Library as Incubator Project

    After graduating from University of Delaware, Erinn Batykefer went on to earn an MFA in poetry and creative nonfiction from the prestigious Creative Writing Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She then won a two-year Stadler Poetry Fellowship at Bucknell University, and her first collection, Allegheny, Monongahela (Red Hen Press, 2009) won the Benjamin Saltman Prize in Poetry. She returned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010 and earned her Master of Library and Information Studies in 2012. While pursuing that degree, Erinn co-founded the Library as Incubator Project with fellow artist and librarian Laura Damon-Moore; through the project website, they promote and facilitate creative collaboration between libraries and artists of all types, and advocate for libraries as incubators of the arts.

  • Dan Becker
    English Language Arts Teacher, William Penn High School

    Daniel Becker earned his BA in English Education in 2007 from the University of Delaware. A graduate of Colonial School District's William Penn High School in New Castle, DE, Daniel returned to his alma mater to teach English. Now amidst his 5th year teaching, Daniel is a 10th grade English / Languge Arts teacher for William Penn; however, his passion is motivating today's youth to actively engage in their educations.

    aniel's formal training at the University of Delaware helps him prepare students for their futures through relevant, fresh, and engaging activities. He also mentors many of his students and helps them work through any challenges that stand in their way. His career goal is to improve the quality of life in the surrounding community by helping every student he can.

  • Deborah Brenner
    Wine Merchant & Entrepreneur

    Deborah Brenner, a former technology marketer and owner of a public relations firm, is the author of the acclaimed book Women of the Vine. Writing the book inspired her to form the first-of-its-kind collaboration among sustainable family grape growers and award-winning women winemakers. Wines under the Women of the Vine brand first went on the market in 2007 and now are sold in 23 states and online. Brenner has won numerous entrepreneurial honors, serves on UD's Entrepreneurial Studies advisory board and on U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's New York Agriculture Working Group and has partnered with Farm Aid to support America's family farmers.

    quot;I came to the University of Delaware as a biology major but switched to English. Now, 20 years later, I have found a perfect way to combine my love of science with my creative side?the art of winemaking. I attribute my ability to combine these skills to my education and the faculty who taught me. At UD, I learned how to take all the knowledge I gained over the years and apply it to real life."

  • David Cavagnino
    English Teacher, Ursuline Academy

    David Cavagnino graduated from the English Education program in 2010, taking a permanent position as an Upper School English teacher at Ursuline Academy, where he student taught. His training at UD and resulting state certification made him a stronger applicant and prepared him to write and teach several original curricula, including a seminar on Shakespeare and AP Language and Composition, and it prepared him to advise the yearbook program--all in his first two years. Dave graduated eager to learn more; he has accrued hundreds of professional development hours and has been certified to teach English as a foreign language. He aspires to put his training and experience to work around the world, whether as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, or development consultant. Wherever his career takes him, it all started at the University of Delaware!

  • Catherine Carter
    Associate Professor, Director of English Education, English Department, Western Carolina University

    When Catherine Carter received her PhD in English, the only door it seemed likely to open was to another decade of adjunct teaching. But the PhD became the foundation for a tenured position as director of a strong English Education program and for two books of award-winning poetry from LSU. Her work has appeared in Poetry, Studies in American Fiction, Ploughshares, Poe Studies, Orion, English Education, and Best American Poetry 2009, among others.

    r. Carter says, ?When I came to graduate school, I didn?t really imagine any future, let alone the one I?ve made. I didn?t know that most poets have a day job, or how to convert a paper into a publishable article, or how much academic work is also administrative. But UD?s English Department assigned me a wide variety of classes to teach and provided a solid background in literature and writing. My first academic publication began in Professor Leo Lemay?s Poe seminar. Classes with Professors Snodgrass, Brown, and Walker honed my critical skills for my own writing. And my interest in the little-known novelist Kathleen Thompson Norris was born in Morris Library, where I was shelving books for summer money. Even if you aren?t sure where you?re going, the roots you grow in grad school will sustain all kinds of branches.?

  • Jimmy Daly
    Marketing Director, Vero

    immy Daly has put his English degree to work in an unconventional way.

    the marketing director at Vero, an international tech startup, he uses the skills he learned as an undergrad to write copy, tell stories and build relationships.

    nce graduating in 2008, Daly has worked for companies both large and small, helping with social media, brand journalism, communications and PR. The writing skills he learned at Delaware are the foundation on which he's building a successful career in the tech marketing world.

    ecifically, Daly credits two journalism courses taught by McKay Jenkins for inspiring him to pursue a career in writing. "If you can write, you can do anything. The ability to put thoughts into words is more valuable that I ever imagined," says Daly.

  • Samantha Draper
    10th Grade ELA Teacher, Howard High School of Technology

    Sam is a former U of D student who has been afforded excellent opportunities right here in Delaware! Sam was hired after her first interview at Sussex Central High School. After a year of transforming into a professional, forming nurturing relationships with her students, and helping the tenth graders drastically improve their state test scores, Sam was offered a job at Howard High School of Technology. Here, with the addition of teaching Night School and leading an after school program, Sam has continued to grow professionally. Sam attributes much of her initial success to the English Education program at Delaware. The rigorous expectations of each course, pleasant and positive professors, meaningful opportunities for collaboration, and eye-opening experiences for professional immersion all contributed to Sam?s happiness and efficacy as an ELA instructor.

  • Staci Edwards
    Secondary English Teacher

    Staci is currently employed by the Caesar Rodney School District in Camden, DE as a Secondary English Teacher. She teaches both 11th grade Survey of American Literature and 10th grade Writing through Literature in both traditional and TAM settings. Staci is also a club sponsor, the sophomore class advisor, and taught summer school in 2012. Her time at the University of Delaware as an English Education major helped her to develop a compassionate teaching style, master her content area, and establish connections with her classmates and professors that remain intact today, as she continues to collaborate with former English Education majors in order to share ideas and fine tune her teaching skills.

  • Kelly Emery
    Graduate student, Masters in Special Education Literacy

    Kelly Emery is a 2011 graduate of the English Education program and proudly completed her student teaching practicum under the direction of Kathryn Szegda at Elkton Middle School. After graduation, Kelly worked as an activity specialist at Camp Sequoia, an overnight program in Pennsylvania, dedicated to teaching social skills to campers in a safe and fun environment. Currently, Kelly is a ninth grade English and film study teacher at Linganore High School in Frederick, Maryland. She was recently accepted into the University of Maryland to pursue a non-certified master?s in Special Education. Her research will focus on learning disabilities, classroom technology, and the ever-changing standards students must face.

  • Rachel A. Gearhart
    Assistant Editor for Albuquerque The Magazine

    The day after Rachel graduated from the University of Delaware, she moved to Albuquerque, NM in order to pursue an MA at the University of New Mexico in the Rhetoric and Writing department. Knowing that she wanted to go in a different direction than teaching with her English degree, Rachel interned at Albuquerque The Magazine for six months, was promoted to Copywriter and, eventually, Assistant Editor.?

    hile she didn't take any courses in the Journalism department at UDel, the research and archival work she did in class and as a Research Assistant for Professor Mary Jean Pfaelzer prepared her well for a career in professional writing and editing. She finished her MA in Rhetoric and Writing with a concentration in Professional Writing in May 2012 and continues to write and edit for the magazine.

  • Matthew Groth
    Marketing Assistant

    Matthew Groth is a marketing assistant at the law firm Ballard Spahr LLP in Philadelphia. As a marketing assistant, his job duties include conducting research and compiling reports on clients and industries, assisting with the firm?s social media efforts, and providing support for various functions of the firm?s Marketing Department. Matthew?s English degree provided him with a multitude of valuable skills that he has been able to utilize in his position, including business writing, editing, researching, and website designing. In addition, Matthew?s senior thesis under the direction of Dr. Stephen Bernhardt and Dr. Christopher Penna gave him the experience of working on a major project from conception to completion, an important asset in a legal environment where large projects are commonplace.

  • Jihoon Yoo
    Management Support Team, Giant Co., LTD

    I was a transfer students from South Korea and had studied business before my transfer; therefore, I was always wondering about what I could do with an English degree until I graduated. Now, I am sure that there are a number of jobs you can find and do well with your English degree. Since I came back to my country, I have been working for an international bicycle company, Giant. Here at Giant, all of our staff, including me, have to use English to communicate with many co-workers from all over the world. I am in charge of such things as translating complicated manuals, handling a purchase order, and editing professional documents. Of course, they are still tough jobs for me, but I have wisely overcome difficulties with useful knowledge that I had learned from my lovely concentration, Professional Writing!!

  • Skyler Konicki
    English Teacher, Smyrna High School

    Skyler Konicki graduated from the UD English Education program in the spring of 2011 and started teaching English at Smyrna High School in the fall. She currently teaches 10th grade English, advises a club, and works with students at the Smyrna Writing Center. The English Education program at UD helped Konicki learn how to manage classrooms and plan effectively, and it introduced her to her interest in working with struggling readers at the secondary level, which she plans to pursue in her graduate studies. Konicki credits the English Education program at UD with making it possible for her to successfully find a job before graduation and with giving her the skills she needed to handle the challenges of her first year of teaching and still love what she does.

  • Philip J. Kranyak
    Customer Service Trainer,

    Phil treated his English education as a study of people and how they communicate. He found that reading and writing well increased his ability to communicate successfully, a now-rare skill in the age of texting. Phil is a corporate trainer for GrubHub's customer service team; he writes and delivers courses on new policies and technology and he also designed the new hire program and has trained over 100 new employees. Between his English studies and his background in improv comedy, Phil's students consistently proclaim how strongly he was able to connect with them and how much more prepared for their job they feel than they have at past companies. English has caused Phil's job to pay him, his wife to love him, his friends to admire him, and his dog to stare blankly because dogs don't care about English.

  • Sara Linton
    College Advisor, KIPP Through College and KIPP Bay Area Schools

    After teaching 9th and 10th grade English for one year, Sara moved to Northern California and pursued her Master?s Degree in School Counseling. During this time she held various positions in Student Life at two local colleges. She enjoyed higher education, but was always drawn back to her classroom experiences that stemmed from the English Education program. The hands-on, classroom experience Sara gained from the program prepared her to manage her own classroom and to learn more about the counseling side of education. Sara found her passion working with students and helping them stay on track to attend college. Her foundation in English Education has prepared her immensely for her current responsibilities leading workshops and forming relationships with students while supporting their success to and through higher education.

  • Alexander Long
    Assistant Professor of English, CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    An assistant professor of English at CUNY, John Jay College, Dr. Long has published three books of poems, the latest of which, Still Life, won the White Pine Press Poetry Prize in 2011. His work appears in AGNI, The American Poetry Review, Blackbird, Callaloo, and The Southern Review, among others. Long has received grants, fellowships, scholarships, & residencies from Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, Prague Summer Seminars, & The Vermont Studio Center.?

    he UD Department of English, practically, landed him a tenure-track job in Manhattan; metaphysically, it offered him a life with meaning. Long took the ?straight ahead? track of the PhD, which forced him to read, write, and think like a scholar, not like the ?creative? writer his previous degrees demanded. More importantly, Long?s career lays bare the false distinction between ?scholarly? and ?creative? pursuits. His belief, and practice, are simple: one reads and writes?every day?or one doesn?t.

  • Kristen MacGorman
    Middle School Librarian

    Kristen graduated from the University of Delaware's English Education department in the Spring of 2006. After being inspired by Professors Alvarez and Bieler, Kristen was driven by the change she hoped to create through the teaching of reading and writing. She felt empowered by her English Education professors, and she found her time in the XEE department courses to be the most fulfulling of her educational career.

    risten began teaching 6th grade reading after college, hoping to put her passion to use. As she taught and saw how critical a time middle school was for students' reading habits, Kristen realized she found the deepest happiness from helping students discover the gift of a lifelong love of reading. She then received her Masters Degree from Rutgers University in Library and Information Science and now works as a Middle School Librarian, serving grades 5-8. Kristen only hopes to inspire her students with books the way that her XEE professors inspired her with their passion and expertise. Kristen feels that her time in UD's XEE program truly helped her discover her perfect position in the field of education.

  • Wallace McKelvey
    Reporter, The Press of Atlantic City

    Wallace McKelvey is a reporter currently writing for The Press of Atlantic City. The summer after graduating from the University of Delaware with a BA in English and a journalism concentration, he worked as an intern for The Philadelphia Inquirer. After graduating, he spent a year writing for Gannett weeklies and a daily newspaper before moving to The Press in 2011. He currently covers the growth area of Egg Harbor Township, as well as health, land use and veterans issues.

    hile at the University of Delaware, McKelvey served as editor-in-chief of the student magazine Deconstruction, interned at three different newspapers and participated in research for a faculty member's book. Those experiences -- as well as the continued guidance and support from McKelvey's professors -- have allowed him to pursue a challenging but ever-rewarding career.

  • Melissa Paparozzi
    Sixth Grad Literacy Instructor

    Graduating from the University of Delaware in 2006 with a degree in Secondary English Education, Melissa acquired a job as a sixth grade literacy instructor in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Melissa secured her job after meeting the superintendent and assistant superintendant of her school district at the University of Delaware teacher job fair. She has taught in Bernardsville ever since, making this year her sixth in the classroom. In addition to teaching, Melissa has advised the school yearbook, coached field hockey, coached a running/self-esteem program called ?Girls on the Run,? and presently runs the school Writing Lab. Melissa has continued her education since graduating from the University of Delaware, earning a master?s degree in reading and a Reading Specialist certification from Montclair State University. Currently, Melissa is finishing up her fourth semester at Drew University, pursuing a doctoral degree in the humanities with a concentration in writing.

  • Molly Yborra
    Nursing Student

    Since completing her English degree in the Spring of 2011, Molly has already begun pursuing her Accelerated Bachelor?s Degree in Nursing at the University of Delaware. Her English degree and opportunities to present her research through the English Department have helped her appreciate and become proficient in the research process ? a goal she plans to pursue in the nursing field. After graduation, she will work at Suburban Hospital in Maryland, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Suburban Hospital is located across the street from the National Institute of Health, providing the perfect venue to pursue her nursing and research career.

  • Kristin Zinsmeister
    Communications Assistant for U.S. Figure Skating

    Kristin Zinsmeister is the Communications Assistant at U.S. Figure Skating, the sport?s national governing body. There, she writes and edits press documents, covers national and international events, and communicates with media outlets. As a former athlete and public relations officer for UD?s college skating team, Zinsmeister has been instrumental in promoting U.S. Figure Skating?s collegiate programs.

    While at UD, Zinsmeister was as a tutor at the Writing Center and a teacher?s assistant for a technical editing class as well as the Assistant Editor of the Writing Center Journal. She built upon her English-centered work by conducting and assisting with research projects, which she presented at writing conferences. Zinsmeister?s application of her studies to outside-classroom settings developed her understanding of oral and written communication and gave her a career using social media and technology to appeal to audiences.

    Zinsmeister?s college accomplishments and career reflect the guidance she received from her professors who identified and cultivated her strengths into a marketable niche.

  • Brian L. Byrd
    Academic Coordinator of Student Support Services at Paul Quinn College

    "Under the mentorship and tutelage of Professors Carol Henderson and Heyward Brock, my UD English bachelor's degree honed my writing, research, and interests on diverse issues of the human condition, specifically focusing on morality, ethics and civic justice."

  • Brian W. Gastle
    Department Head and Professor of English at Western Carolina University

    ​“UD provided a solid foundation for my career by allowing me to teach a wide variety of classes. It also allowed me to pursue scholarship important to me, but it tempered my personal desires with an eye towards the market and landing a job.  I’ve got a great one now, and I owe much of that to the opportunities UD provided.”

  • Matt O'Donnell
    Morning Anchor, Action News, WPVI-TV Philadelphia

    ​"There is no other skill I cherish more than the ability to write. My job demands perfection when it comes to grammar, accuracy and objectivity, and it needs to happen fast. Those days (and nights) spent at Memorial Hall, The Review and WVUD-FM were key in developing this skill, obtaining a job in broadcasting, and advancing in the industry." 

  • Michael A. Iannucci

    ​"I credit my UD education for much of my success. The faculty are some of the most intelligent and kindest people you will ever meet. My English professors taught me how to think creatively, read analytically, and write persuasively. Simply put, UD is an amazing place where dreams come true."

  • Rachel Eliza Griffiths
    Poet and Photographer

    ​“Learning how to be a reader is to be as human as any of us can imagine. For me, an education in the humanities helps to render the world into a language that is legible, profound, mysterious and complex.”

  • Taria Pritchett
    High School English Teacher & Lifestyle Blogger

    ​"I am delighted that I get to both teach and write for a living. The support and modeling that the English Education faculty provided helped me hone my skills as an educator, and create a teaching philosophy that allows me to move all students to achieve at high levels."

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