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Transfer Credits

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All transfer credits taken before admittance to the University of Delaware must appear on your UD transcript before they are evaluated by an academic department. The UD Registrar's Office posts the transfer credits. If you don't see the transfer credits on your UD transcript, please contact the Registrar's Office at  

Once you have confirmed that the transferred English coursework is on your UD transcript, you have two options to request review of the credits:

Option 1: Request evaluation for transferred English course to equate as UD's ENGL 110: Seminar in Composition. See detailed Option 1 instructions listed below.   

Option 2: Request evaluation to have transferred English course(s) equated to UD English courses other than ENGL 110. See detailed Option 2 instructions listed below.

Students who want to transfer new coursework taken after admittance to the University of Delaware should see detailed Option 3 instructions listed below.

Students who want to have non-English transfer courses evaluated should follow the university instructions found on the University Registrar's website.  Click here to go to the Registrar's web page. 

Please note: 

- The Composition Program does not "pre-approve" courses for ENGL110 equivalency.

- Credit for ENGL110 cannot be gained from AP exams in English or through dual or concurrent enrollment.

Dual or Concurrent Enrollment Policy for ENGL110 - effective June 2017

The Composition Program's ENGL110 course is an essential and required experience for all UD students. The course offers much more than skills-based writing practice:  students engage in writing workshops designed to prepare them for the specific writing needs they are encountering in their other university courses, and they are introduced to the intellectual culture and the academic habits necessary for success in a research-intensive university. In order to be considered for ENGL110 exemption a student must have taken a face-to-face college composition seminar or sequence of seminars on a college campus with a college instructor and undergraduate peer college writers.  It is the policy of the Composition Program to deny dual or concurrent enrollment exemption.

This policy also covers courses on UD's Matrix and the articulation agreements we have made with other institutions. Unless the course was taken with a college instructor and on the college campus listed on the Matrix, we will not exempt the student from ENGL110.

Option 1: Transfer/Exemption instructions for ENGL 110

Transfer credit (for similar courses with titles like Composition, Rhetoric, etc.) from other institutions that has been posted to a student's UD record as "ENGL166T - Transfer Elective" may be re-evaluated as equivalent to ENGL 110. Transfer students with such credit should follow the English Department's instructions to request re-evaluation of the credit. UD considers ENGL110 as an on-campus experience that is essential to the success of students. Not only do the students practice writing, but they learn the expectations of college professors, project management, and rigorous revision, as they write in and with a community of peers. Transfer students seeking to receive ENGL110 credit for courses taken at another college or university should consult our transfer of credit page.

ENGL110 Seminar in Composition is the only required course of all undergraduate students at the University of Delaware. Transfer students who have taken a comparable course at another institution may apply for exemption from the ENGL110 requirement. To qualify for exemption, the course must be a rhetoric/writing and composition course studying primarily non-literary sources.

To request an ENGL110 transfer exemption review, you must complete an online application and upload supporting documentation. Before starting this process, be sure to have electronic versions of the items listed below readily available. Once you have these documents at hand, click on the link below to initiate the ENGL110 transfer exemption review request.

- Your unofficial UD transcript (PDF);

- Complete syllabus for the course you took (PDF);

- Course description from the course catalog (PDF); and

- A brief paragraph describing the course you are requesting to be reviewed and explaining why you think the course is equivalent to UD's ENGL110.

Click here to initiate the online ENGL110 transfer review request.

NOTE:   Your request will NOT be processed if you do not enter all of the required information due to the large number of requests please allow up to four weeks for a response.

If you have questions about the application form, please email: or


Option 2: Transfer Evaluation instructions for English courses other than ENGL 110

Students may either hand deliver or email their transfer evaluation request to the Associate Chair of the English Department. Please include:

  • Your name, student ID, local phone number, and UD e-mail address.
  • A scanned copy of the course syllabus from the course you took. 
  •  A scanned copy of the course description in its official catalogue. Identify the university that offered the course. If it is available online, you can submit a printout of this or send the link via e-mail.

English Associate Chair

Professor Miranda Wilson 

English Department

120 Memorial Hall


Option 3: Transfer Evaluation of an English course not yet taken at another institution

NOTE:  The English Department does not "pre-approve" courses for ENGL110 transfer equivalency.    Please refer to the Transfer Matrix on the Registrar's Website for ENGL110 transfer equivalencies.  Click here to go to the Registrar's web page. 

All transfer courses taken after admittance to the University of Delaware must be approved by UD before enrolling in the course(s) at another institution. You must:

1.)  Complete the university Transfer Credit Evaluation Form  

2.)  Check to see if the course you're transferring is listed in UD's Transfer Credit Matrix, also known as the Transfer Matrix. If the course from the other institution:         

a.) Is listed on the Transfer Credit Matrix, that means it has already been evaluated by UD and the UD equivalent course has been confirmed. The transfer course will not be re-evaluated and will not be equated to a different UD English course. You do not need to submit your evaluation to the English Department. Instead, you submit it directly to the office of the Assistant or Associate Dean in your College, or      

 b.) Is not listed on UD's Transfer Credit Matrix, and is not a request for an ENGL 110 equivalency, please submit your Transfer Credit Evaluation form , in person, to Chris Penna and include:

  • Your name, student ID, local phone number, and UD e-mail address.
  • A scanned copy of the syllabus from the course you plan to take.
  • A scanned copy of the course description in its official catalogue. Identify the university that is offering the course. If it is available online, you can submit a printout of this description.

 Chris Penna

Associate Professor

University of Delaware

Department of English

044 Memorial Hall

Newark, DE 19716

(302) 831-6749

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Transfer Credits
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Transfer Credits
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