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ENGL110 - Seminar in Composition

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University Requirements

University requirements must be completed by all students pursuing a University of Delaware undergraduate degree regardless of their college.

ENGL110 - Seminar in Composition

A 3-credit seminar that requires a minimum grade "C-". If a student earns a lower grade, the seminar must be repeated for no additional degree credit. ENGL110 is a unique, on-campus class that should be taken during a student's first year at UD. Credit for ENGL110 cannot be gained from AP exams in English or through dual or concurrent enrollment.

Transfer credit (for similar courses with titles such as Writing, Composition, Rhetoric, etc.) from other institutions that has been posted to a student's UD record as "ENGL166T—Transfer Elective" may be re-evaluated as equivalent to ENGL 110. Transfer students with such credit should follow the English Department's instructions to request re-evaluation of the credit. UD considers ENGL110 as an on-campus experience that is essential to the success of students. Students in 110 do much more than practice writing: They learn the expectations of college professors, hone their skills in project management, and engage in rigorous revision, as they write in and with a community of undergraduate peers. Transfer students seeking to receive ENGL110 credit for courses taken at another college or university should consult our transfer of credit page. 

We offer more than 100 sections of ENGL110 each semester and several sections during the winter and summer sessions. So that instructors may provide individual attention to all students, no sections of ENGL110 will be over-enrolled for any reason.  Be sure to sign up for the section that is right for you:

  • Sections 010 - 79; 100 - 110; 130 - 149 are regular sections of ENGL110. 
  • Sections 080-099 are Honors sections.   Non-Honors students with a 3.0 cum GPA may contact the Honors program (302-831-1195) if they would like to be registered in one of these sections of ENGL110.
  • Sections 111 & 112 are for UD Scholar students and are only offered in the fall semester.
  • Sections 113 - 119 are "topic-specific." 
  • Sections 120-129 are for those students that do not consider English as their first language.  Students may contact their college's Student Service & Assistant Dean's office or the English Department for assistance with registration.
  • Sections 150-159, 175-177, & 190-195 are online sections and only offered during winter and summer sessions. Students who have successfully completed 27+ credits and have a 2.0 cum GPA are eligible to take an online section of ENGL110.    For assistance with registration, contact the Professional & Continuing Studies ACCESS Center (302-831-8843).
  • Sections 300+, 500+ & 700+ meet in Dover, Georgetown and Wilmington, respectively, and are specifically for students in UD's location-specific AA Degree Program.

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ENGL110 - Seminar in Composition
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ENGL110 - Seminar in Composition
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