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Grad Student News

​PhD student Helena Kim molding clay in Lowell Duckert's "Weather Matters" graduate seminar. 

Oct. 2019: ​Graduate students in Professor Lowell Duckert's  "Environmental Humanities- Weather Matters" course recently had a hands-on opportunity to think about ceramics, weather, and literature with ecoartist and filmmaker Courtney Leonard. Professor Duckert's seminar class includes several guest visits that are open to all our graduate students this semester including: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Dean of Humanities, Arizona State University and Julian Yates, H. Fletcher Brown Professor of English, UD,  John Caldwell, Associate Librarian, UD, and A.R. Siders, Associate Professor, Biden School of Public Policy and  Steve Mentz, Professor of English, St. John’s University. Check out our graduate events calendar for more details!

Recent Achievements

Monet Timmons received Emory's Rose Library Short-Term Fellowship to use the archives for her project on slavery at Emory University.

Kaari Newman’s article, "Temple Bar’s New Portrait of Femininity: Active Domesticity in Mary Braddon’s Aurora Floyd,” was recently published in "Victorian Popular Journalism and Fiction: Interactions," a special issue of The Wilkie Collins Journal edited by Janine Hatter and Helena Ifill. 

Seda Öz has had an essay, “Following the Flâneur Hulot in Playtime: The Soundscape of the New Paris”, accepted for publication in the Routledge Companion to European Cinema, edited by Gabor Gergely, Routledge, 2020. She also has two reviews out, one on Kyle Meikle’s recent book in the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, and one in the Journal of Religion and Film.

Mali Collins-White has organized “The Black Textual as the (Im)material: (Im)possibilities of Historical Memory for Black Violence,” which will be presented at the 2020 MLA Convention.  The workshop for scholars, “Transgressing Academic Borders: Public Humanities and Black Feminism,” and the panel, “Un-reading Dispossession from Black Womxn’s Activism,” will both be at this years' NWSA.

Recent Publications
  • King, Carolyne. “The Reader in The Textbook: Embodied Materiality and Reading in the Writing Classroom,” Composition Studies, 47.1, (2019). 
  • Rinkevich, Matt."Reading Ritual: Biblical Hermeneutics and the Liturgical 'Text' in Pre-Reformation England" Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance e Réforme 41.2 (2018)
  • Nash, Joseph. "How to Be: Buddhism, Boredom, and the Practice of Awareness in The Pale King,” The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies 1, no. 1 (2018). 
  • Rezaie, Naghmeh. "Here without Me: The Cross-Cultural Adaptation of The Glass Menagerie in Iranian Cinema." The Tennessee Williams Annual Review, no. 17, 2018, pp. 37–65.
  • King, Carolyne. “Tutors as Readers: Reprising the Role of Reading in the Writing Center,” which is forthcoming in Praxis 16.1 (2018)
  • Colmon, Clayton D. "Queer Afrofuturism: Utopia, Sexuality, and Desire in Samuel Delany's ``aye, and Gomorrah''." Utopian Studies. 28.2 (2017): 327-347.
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