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Funding for Prospective Students

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All applications received by January 1 are considered for full-funding. Applications received after January 1 and before January 31 will not be considered for funding.

We are proud to offer competitive funding packages that include 9-month living stipends, full tuition scholarships, and subsidized health insurance coverage. 

Students who enter the program with a BA degree are typically offered 6 years of funding, while students who enter the program with a MA degree are offered 5 years of funding. 

Your funding package will be detailed in your admissions offer letter. Renewal of funding packages each year is dependent on satisfactory progress toward the degree. The University's funding policies are here

Most students are admitted on Teaching Assistantship contracts, but will have the opportunity to apply for Graduate Assistantships, Research Assistantships, and Fellowships throughout their tenure in the program. In the first-year, teaching assistants shadow an experienced professor in teaching ENGL110 and a literature course. First-years also tutor for the University Writing Center. After the first-year of shadowing and training, teaching assistants become the instructor-of-record for English courses (3 sections per year). 

Competitive semester and full-year fellowship opportunities are available from both the English department and the Graduate College. Students on fellowship are expected to devote their full-time attention to their research and are not expected to teach or perform graduate assistantship duties. 

Students may  apply for Summer Research Fellowships and Summer Research Assistantships, as well as various hourly-paid internships. Students may also have the opportunity to teach courses in Summer or Winter terms for additional funding. 

Our department offers generous funding for research and conference travel, as well as funding for professional development opportunities. Students apply for this funding throughout each year and are mentored in finding external funding opportunities as well. 

For a detailed list of the various funding opportunities available to our graduate students, visit our Funding Opportunities page. 

African American Public Humanities Initiative (AAPHI)

Are you interested in obtaining a PhD in the Humanities with an emphasis on African American/Africana Studies? Are you looking for graduate training that emphasizes public scholarship, community outreach, collections-based research, and digital humanities? The African American Public Humanities Initiative (AAPHI) provides financial and mentorship support for PhD students in History, English, and Art History

Prospective PhD English students interested in being considered for the African American Public Humanities Initiative scholarship should indicate their interest by checking the AAPHI interest box in their application and indicating their interest in their personal statement. 

Read more about AAPHI and our current English AAPHI scholars here:

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Funding for Prospective Students
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