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Program Checksheets/Required Clearances

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XEE Blank Course Planning Worksheet

XEE Checksheet

To find minors and/or other activities/opportunities to compliment your XEE major: Expanding Your English Education Major 

Required Clearances

Teaching today requires proof that an individual who has contact with minors in school has no criminal background or activity. Clearances involve checking your background for any criminal charges or convictions through the Delaware state police, the FBI and Child Abuse registry.  These checks require at least 6 weeks to complete and you will not be permitted into the schools without the appropriate clearances.  You will need the clearances in order to enroll in ENGL295, a required XEE class offered in spring in the first year in the major.   

In order to comply with state regulations, students must also show written proof of a negative PPD Tuberculin Test before working in the schools. Students may have the test administered by their physician, a public health clinic, or at the Student Health Center on campus.  If you use an off campus site, the results must be on file with the Student Health Center so that the Office of Clinical Studies can clear you.

The requirements can change frequently, so you should consult the Office of Clinical Studies website for current details on clearances, timelines for completing them, and required forms.  More information can be found on their website and on the following handout.

You will learn more about clearances from your XEE professors as well as from the Office of Clinical Studies.  Please read and respond promptly to all emails from the Office of Clinical Studies about clearances.

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Program Checksheets/Required Clearances
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