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Faculty Awards

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Donald G. Davis Award<p><strong>​Laura Helton</strong>, assistant professor has received the Donald G. Davis Award from the American Library Association's Library History Round Table for her 2019 article in <em>PMLA,</em>“On Decimals, Catalogs, and Racial Imaginaries of Reading.”  The award is presented  every even-numbered year to recognize the best article written in English in the field of United States and Canadian library history. The award honors Donald G. Davis, longtime professor at the School of Information at the University of Texas and editor of Libraries & the Cultural Record. This article, which honors Dorothy Porter's work at Howard, has now been recognized by the three professional associations--MLA, AAIHS, and ALA--that together represent Laura’s areas of cross-disciplinary work: literary studies, African American history, and libraries and archives.  </p><p> </p>Helton, Lauralehelton
General University Research Grant<p>​<strong>Brooke Jamieson Stanley</strong>, assistant professor of environmental humanities in the <a href="">Department of English</a>, has been awarded a General University Research Grant to pursue archival research in South Africa to complete <em>Intimate Planet: Consumption and the Global Environmental Novel</em>. The book is an interdisciplinary investigation, with each chapter examining a novelist in conjunction with a movement in environmental justice activism focusing on the global agro-food system. It is also spotlighting writers of color from South Africa, South Asia and the United States in the work.</p>Stanley, Brooke Jamiesonbstanley
2020 Finalist for the Nebula Award and the Hugo Award<p><strong>Siobhan Carroll</strong>, whose novelette “For He Can Creep” (2019) is a finalist for the 2020 <strong>Nebula Award </strong>for best science fiction or fantasy work published in the United States and for the 2020<strong> Hugo Award</strong>, the international literary award for the best science fiction or fantasy works published in the previous year. </p>Carroll, Siobhansicarrol
Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Grant<p><strong>Dawn Fallik</strong> is part of a team of faculty who have been awarded an Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center grant for their Humanities for STEM project, <em>Crafting Healthcare</em>.  The grant will provide funds to support the curricular development for a pilot course slated to run Spring 2021. [HLTH467/ENG409/WOMS467 Crafting Healthcare]. </p>Fallik, Dawndfallik
2020 Excellence in Teaching Award<p><strong>​Jill Flynn</strong>, Associate Professor, has been awarded the University of Delaware's Excellence in Teaching Award.<br></p>Flynn, Jilljeflynn
2020 Robert and Vineta Colby Scholarly Book Prize - Runner-up<p> </p><p><strong>Iain Crawford</strong>’s <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Contested Liberalisms: Martineau, Dickens and the Victorian Press</em></a> (Edinburgh University Press, 2019) was named runner up for the 2020 Robert and Vineta Colby Scholarly Book Prize awarded by the Research Society in Victorian Periodicals for the best book on the periodical press. The review committee described this as “an impressively weighty and lucid book that negotiates its way carefully through its tripartite interests in liberalism, transatlantic cross-cultural exchange and the development of the periodical press. It offers new approaches to both Martineau and Dickens in its scholarly study of their contrasting contributions to emerging formulations of progressive social theory in ways that richly reveal the intellectual heft and significance of their writings in the context of the development of liberal thought. Crawford draws out the details of their relationship masterfully in this sophisticated and erudite work that is full of rich detail related with minute attention to scholarly conversation. A pleasure to read, this book is an important contribution to the history of the periodical press, to Dickens studies, and especially to our understanding of the importance of Harriet Martineau.”</p>Crawford, Iainicrawf
AERA Division K, Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award<p>​<strong>Deborah Bieler</strong>, professor of English, has been honored by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division K with its Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award, recognizing her book <em>The Power of Teacher Talk: Promoting Equity and Retention Through Student Interactions</em>. In announcing the award, AERA cited Bieier’s work for its innovative research design, important insights into the work of equity-oriented teachers and critical implications for teacher education. The award, for a journal article or book published between January 2018 and July 2019, gives special consideration to work that advances equity, generates insights that hold promise for ensuring the preparation of teachers who are equipped to serve all students, and reflects the highest standards of methodological rigor. </p>Bieler, Deborahdeb
Maria Stewart Journal Article Prize<p><strong>Laura Helton</strong>, assistant Professor has been awarded the 2020 Maria Stewart Article Prize for the best journal article in Black intellectual history by the ​The African American Intellectual History Society for the article ."On Decimals, Catalogs, and Racial Imaginaries of Reading" <em>PMLA</em> 134.1 (2019): 99-120. Named after abolitionist and women's rights activist-intellectual Maria Stewart, the prize recognizes the best journal article concerning black intellectual history (broadly conceived) published between January 2019 and December 2019 by a member of AAIHS. The winner will receive a monetary award, a certificate, and a featured spot on Black Perspectives. </p>Helton, Lauralehelton
Fellowship at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture<p>​<strong>Laura Helton, </strong>assistant professor has been awarded a one-semester fellowship for the academic year 2019-2020<br></p>Helton, Lauralehelton
Leadership Award for People with Disabilities<p><strong>Stephanie L. Kerschbaum</strong>, associate professor of English, has received the 2019 <a href="">Leadership Award for People with Disabilities</a> from the National Council of Teachers of English. The award recognizes a person with a disability who has made a significant contribution to the council and to the development of its professional community. Kerschbaum, the author of the award-winning <em>Toward a New Rhetoric of Difference</em>, is the 2019-20 scholar in residence at the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan.</p>Kerschbaum, Stephaniekersch
College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Faculty Mentoring Award<p><strong>​Stephanie Kerschbaum</strong>, associate professor of English, was the first recipient of the College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award for her dedication and commitment to supporting, encouraging and promoting a positive and inclusive scholarly and teaching environment. She was recognized for her contributions to the quality of life and professional development of new faculty members, both within and beyond the college's research or degree programs.</p>Kerschbaum, Stephaniekersch
College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award<p><strong>Deborah Biel</strong><strong>er,</strong> associate professor of English who oversees the English education major, was presented the College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award for classes that were described as promoting stimulating discussions and growth in a very positive environment, while maintaining academic rigor and high standards. Beyond campus, she initiated a service learning project in which her students help prepare students at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington for the essay portion of the SAT exam.</p>Bieler, Deborahdeb
College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Scholarship Award<p><strong>​Julian Yates</strong>,H. Fletcher Brown Professor of English, who a few years ago received the "Enfant Terrible" Award from The Hudson Strode Program, honoring "the 12 most brilliant scholars in the world under 40" in the field of Renaissance studies, received the College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Scholarship Award. His scholarly work has been described as prolific and dazzling, with titles that range from <em>What's the Worst Thing You Can Do to Shakespeare?</em> to <em>Of Sheep, Oranges and Yeast: A Multispecies Impression.</em></p>Yates, Julianjyates
College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Advocacy Award<p>​<strong>P. Gabrielle Foreman, </strong>Ned B. Allen Professor of English and professor of Africana studies and history, was presented the College of Arts & Sciences inaugural Outstanding Advocacy Award in recognition of her collaborative work in promoting, fostering and implementing an inclusive environment and celebrating multiculturalism. She was honored for her success in recruiting, advising and mentoring students and faculty, working for curriculum change and leading the way in innovative educational projects such as the Colored Conventions Project, the cornerstone of UD's "Next Generation Ph.D." initiative.</p>Foreman, Gabriellegforeman
Lithic Press Chapbook Prize<p><strong>Devon, Miller-Duggan</strong>, assistant professor has been awarded the Lithic Press Chapbook Prize for "<em>The Slow Salute"</em><em>, a wonderful collection of poems.  </em>Like Herodotus narratives, the Slow Salute evokes images of foreign battlefields and the one heartache that howls through the ages. The entirety is a manual of ritual behavior, the remains of a fallen warrior returned to loved ones: the container, the hand off, the boot strap, the gun salute. The intense description transcends time, its straightforward verse becomes a hum, a song, a plea, and the weight of someone lost is felt and difficult.</p>Miller-Duggan, Devondmd
Whiting Foundation fellowship<p><strong>David Kim</strong>, assistant professor of English, has been awarded a $50,000 Whiting Foundation fellowship to create a yearlong project in the public humanities. “Alice Dunbar-Nelson: A Vision for Wilmington” will aim to restore the legacy of an African American woman of letters who lived in Wilmington and will include adult reading groups, K-12 curriculum workshops and the creation of a website and public art. The collaborative, community engagement project will be a partnership among UD, which houses Dunbar-Nelson’s papers, and area nonprofits including the Christina Cultural Arts Center, Creative Vision Factory and Delaware Historical Society. The fellowship is one of seven awarded for 2019 by the <a href="">Whiting Public Engagement Program</a>, which supports public engagement by humanities faculty.</p>Kim, Daviddjkim
NEH Summer Stipend<p><strong>Laura Helton</strong>, assistant professor, has been awarded a summer stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities to work on her book project, "<em>T</em><em>he Making of African-American Archives, 1910-1950.</em>" The award supports full-time work by a scholar on a humanities project for a period of two months.</p>Helton, Lauralehelton
William Riley Parker Prize <p>​<strong>Laura E. Helton</strong>, assistant professor of English and history, has received an honorable mention in the Modern Language Association’s competition for the annual William Riley Parker Prize for an outstanding article published in <em>PMLA</em>, the association’s journal of literary scholarship. Helton’s article, “On Decimals, Catalogs, and Racial Imaginaries of Reading,” appeared in the journal’s January 2019 issue and was cited by the awards committee as an “astute, passionate and eye-opening essay” that is “beautifully written [and] skillfully organized.” Helton is currently a scholar in residence at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.</p>Helton, Lauralehelton
Fred B. Kniffen Book Award from the International Society for Landscape, Place and Material Culture (ISLPMC)<p><strong>Martin Brückner</strong>, professor of English and co-director of the Center for Material Culture Studies, has received the 2018 Fred B. Kniffen Book Award from the International Society for Landscape, Place and Material Culture (ISLPMC) for his new book <a href=""><em>The Social Life of Maps in America, 1750-1860 </em></a>(UNCP, 2017).</p>Brückner, Martinmcb
the University of Delaware's Excellence in Teaching Award<p>​<strong>McKay Jenkins</strong>, Cornelius A. Tilghman Professor of English; was awarded the University of Delaware'e Excellence in Teaching Award.  Awardees receive $5,000, have their portraits hung in Morris Library for five years and have bricks inscribed with their names installed in Mentors’ Circle between Hullihen Hall and the Morris Library. </p>Jenkins, McKaymckay
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Scholarship Award<p><strong></strong><strong>Martin Brueckner, </strong>professor, was awarded the 2018 College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Scholarship<br></p>Brückner, Martinmcb
Kendrick Book Prize<p>​<strong>Julian Yates</strong>, professor of English was awarded the 2017 Michelle Kendrick Memorial Book Prize by The Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA) for  <em>Of Sheep, Oranges, and Yeast: A Multispecies Impression</em>. </p>Yates, Julianjyates
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Excellence in Advisement Award<p>​<strong>Jill Flynn,</strong> associate professor, was awarded the College Faculty Award for Excellence in Advisement.<br></p>Flynn, Jilljeflynn
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Teaching Award<p><strong>Gabrielle Foreman</strong>, professor, was awarded the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Teaching.<br></p>Foreman, Gabriellegforeman
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Service Award<p><strong>Joseph Harri</strong><strong>s</strong>, professor, was awarded the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Service. <br></p>Harris, Josephjoeharris
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Service Award<p>​<strong>Stephen Bernhardt</strong>, professor was awarded the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Service.<br></p>Bernhardt, Stephen A.sab
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Scholorship Award<p>​<strong>Thomas Leitch</strong>, professor, was awarded the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Scholorship.<br></p>Leitch, Thomastleitch
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Teaching Award<p>​<strong>Christopher Penna, </strong>associate professor<strong>, </strong>was awarded the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Teaching.<br></p>Penna, Christopherpenna
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Service Award<p>​<strong>Melissa Ianetta</strong>, associate <strong></strong>professor, was awarded the College Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Service.</p>
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Teaching Award<p><strong>​Christine Cucciarre</strong>, assistant professor, <strong></strong>was awarded the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Award for Teaching.</p>Cucciarre, Christineccucc

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