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Writing Minor

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The Writing Minor provides students with the opportunity to design their own course of study. Regardless of one's professional plans, skills such as the ability to read and write effectively, to analyze and explain, to see through deceptive rhetoric, to interpret complex documents, and to create new possibilities are always in demand. The Writing minor helps students develop such skills by focusing on critical literacy in a wide range of creative and professional modes.

Students learn to read both texts and contexts, to interpret both intended and unintended meanings, to identify both deliberately crafted and emerging patterns, and to explain their findings in ways that others will understand and appreciate.

As creative writers who can thrive in their professional endeavors, as professionals who can think outside of the envelope, students who minor in Writing will be prepared to adapt to new challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Required Courses: 15 credits/5 ENGL courses

Writing minors take five of the writing-intensive courses listed below, including at least one course in three of the following categories:

1. Creative Writing

  • ENGL227 – Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL303 – Script Writing
  • ENGL304 – Poetry Writing
  • ENGL305 – Fiction Writing
  • ENGL404 – Advanced Poetry Writing
  • ENGL405 – Advanced Fiction Writing
2. Journalism
  • ENGL309 – Feature and Magazine Writing
  • ENGL406 – Non-Fiction Workshop
  • ENGL408 – Sports Writing
  • ENGL409 – Topics in Journalism
3. Professional and Technical Writing
  • ENGL222 – Introduction to Professional Writing
  • ENGL312 – Written Communication in Business
  • ENGL411 – Rhetoric of the Professions
  • ENGL413 – Topics in Professional Writing
  • ENGL414 – Editing
  • ENGL416 – Designing Online Information
  • ENGL418 – Writing in the Sciences
  • ENGL430 – Legal Writing
4. Writing and English Studies
  • ENGL225 – Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing Studies
  • ENGL280 – Approaches to Literature
  • ENGL294 – English Language Grammar and Usage
  • ENGL301 – Expository Writing
  • ENGL306 – Topics in Writing
  • ENGL392 – Teaching Writing One to One
  • ENGL397 – Writing the New Media
  • ENGL480 – Seminar in Literary Studies

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