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Graduate Student Publications

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Publication Spotlight: Carolyne King

Carolyne King

​Carolyne King discusses her forthcoming peer-reviewed articles

“The Reader in The Textbook: Embodied Materiality and Reading in the Writing Classroom,” Composition Studies, 47.1, 2019. 


 "Metacognition or “B.S”? Examining Student Reading Practices in Reading Journals,” Pedagogy, (forthcoming 2020).

"The Reader" calls attention to reading as always material and embodied and encourages composition instructors to seek out teaching methods that will help students to investigate their bodily knowledge of a text. …Although "The Reader" does not emerge from my dissertation research, it does reflect some of the values that I explore and which influence my approach to reading theory and pedagogy.

This article would not be what it is without the tireless support of both Stephanie Kerschbaum and Melissa Ianetta. I took a class with Stephanie on disability and accessibility in first year writing in my second semester at UD, and as you can see, the values and analyses I learned impact not only my pedagogical approach to teaching writing, but also how I look at the larger structures that surround our classrooms and influence teaching practices.

As I thought about this project and began to look at textbooks, Stephanie was enthusiastic about my fledgling ideas and their importance. Melissa Ianetta supported me by reading innumerable drafts of this article, and essentially, helping me to make that step between understanding how journal articles work as a reader, and doing it myself as a writer. Her wisdom, insight, and humor throughout this process made it fun and enjoyable, and about learning and growing as a writer, too.

"Metacognition or B.S." examines student reading journals, and argues for the importance of affective and process-based writing--often the kinds of statements that we, in English Studies, don't think of as being critical--in promoting metacognition and the connections between texts and the goals of the writing classroom. The idea for this article emerged after taking Julian Yates's "Publications" seminar, as he suggested that I needed classroom data to support the project I was working upon at the time. While that project ultimately didn't move forward, I did decide to use classroom data and that lead to creating and working with student reading journals.

I received copious support for this project: this article was supported by a departmental SRF, where I furiously coded the journals and worked upon my analysis. Additionally, the mentorship of Stephanie Kerschbaum and Melissa Ianetta was instrumental to its success. Stephanie Kerschbaum's expertise with research methods and coding helped me to  develop the findings, but also to have confidence in them; Melissa Ianetta supported me in many forms along the way--when I took a Statistics class so as to perform the statistical analysis that is an aspect of my findings (through all my stress and anxiety of learning to work with numbers, and then performing this analysis myself!) and she also read many drafts and helped me to shape this argument. … I cannot thank her, or Stephanie, enough for their support and motivation." --Carolyne King

List of Recent Grad Student Publications

  •  King, Carolyne. “The Reader in The Textbook: Embodied Materiality and Reading in the Writing Classroom,” Composition Studies, 47.1, (2019). 
  • Rinkevich, Matt."Reading Ritual: Biblical Hermeneutics and the Liturgical 'Text' in Pre-Reformation England" Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance e Réforme 41.2 (2018)
  • Nash, Joseph. "How to Be: Buddhism, Boredom, and the Practice of Awareness in The Pale King,” The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies 1, no. 1 (2018). 
  • Rezaie, Naghmeh. "Here without Me: The Cross-Cultural Adaptation of The Glass Menagerie in Iranian Cinema." The Tennessee Williams Annual Review, no. 17, 2018, pp. 37–65.
  • King, Carolyne. “Tutors as Readers: Reprising the Role of Reading in the Writing Center,” which is forthcoming in Praxis 16.1 (2018)
  • Colmon, Clayton D. "Queer Afrofuturism: Utopia, Sexuality, and Desire in Samuel Delany's ``aye, and Gomorrah''." Utopian Studies. 28.2 (2017): 327-347.

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