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Rules of the Graduate Program

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​For a comprehensive explanation of all rules governing graduate study at the University of Delaware, students and faculty should consult the Graduate Catalogue. Listed below are the rules that students and faculty tend to ask about most.

Academic Standing

​Students are required to maintain a minimum average of B (3.0) in their course work. Any grade below B may place the student's academic status and financial aid in jeopardy. In the event that a student fails to make satisfactory progress toward meeting the academic standards of the program, the Graduate Committee will recommend that the graduate faculty vote to dismiss the student from the program. For a complete description of the university rules about dismissal, see the Graduate Catalogue. Each student's progress will be reviewed annually by the Director of Graduate Studies.

Transfer Credits

​Up to 9 credit hours from other universities or from other departments in this university may also be counted toward the degree, but only upon written application to and written approval from the Graduate Director and the University Office of Graduate Studies.

Independent Study Credits

​A maximum of 3 credit hours of Independent Study (ENGL666) may be counted toward the MA degree. Up to 6 credit hours of Independent Study courses (ENGL866) may be counted toward the PhD degree. The threshold for getting an Independent Study approved by the Graduate Committee is high: students must demonstrate that they cannot adequately engage with this subject matter through regular coursework, and that the proposed course is equivalently rigorous when compared to a standard graduate seminar. 

Students are required to submit a formal proposal, including a syllabus and cover letter explaining the purpose of the course, to the Director of Graduate Studies before the beginning of the registration period for the semester in which they wish to take the independent study. The syllabus should be a formal document that includes the kinds of readings and writing assignments that would normally be included in a graduate seminar. To allow for flexibility, students may leave a few weeks open for subsequent adjustment according to where their reading and research takes them during the term. A formal syllabus for each Independent Study course will be kept on file in the Graduate Studies office.

Time Limits

​Students holding assistantships normally finish all requirements for the MA within four semesters. Students may take up to five years to complete the degree, but written permission from the Office of Graduate Studies is required for work beyond the fifth year. The PhD should be completed within five years of matriculation if the student is entering with an MA, seven if entering without.

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Rules of the Graduate Program
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