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The English Minor

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The English Department offers a range of minors to suite a variety of interests, all designed to be flexible in fitting in with the rigorous requirements of other majors. Most of our minors are interdisciplinary, encouraging students to engage in coursework across the curriculum. See the navigation bar at left for a full list.

Students who elect the English Minor work with their minor advisor to plan an individualized course of study tailored to their personal and professional plans. From creative writing to professional writing, fiction to journalism, memos to poetry, blogs to film, English courses cover a broad range of subjects.

English Minors learn how to create, analyze, contextualize, and explain a broad range of texts, from classic literature to the documents that drive the corporate world. They learn about the diverse cultural traditions that are fundamental to American history, and they acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive as global citizens.

Today's professional skills might be outdated quickly, but the ability to read and write effectively, to analyze and explain, to see through deceptive rhetoric, to interpret complex narratives, and to shape new possibilities — such skills will always be in demand. English Minors learn to read both texts and contexts, to interpret both intended and unintended meanings, to identify both deliberately crafted and emerging patterns, and to explain their findings in ways that others will understand and appreciate.

Required Courses
  • A maximum of two ENGL 200-level courses
  • At least four ENGL 300- or ENGL 400-level courses

Seriously, that's it! The English Minor is what you make of it — six English courses in any discipline of your choosing. What course of study will you design?

Requirements for the English Minor Prior to 2015

Students who declared an English Minor prior to Fall 2015 and would like to switch to the new minor as listed above should contact Susan Donley .

Requirements for students who declared the English Minor between Fall 2007 - Spring 2015

  • ENGL101 – Tools of Textual Analysis
  • ENGL102 – Texts in Time
  • ENGL204 – American Literature
  • ENGL205 – British Literature to 1660
  • ENGL206 – British Literature 1660-Present
  • Three additional English credits (one course) at the 300-level or above

Requirements for students who declared the English Minor before Fall 2007

  • ENGL202 – Biblical and Classical Literature
  • ENGL205 – British Literature to 1660
  • ENGL206 – British Literature 1660 - Present
  • ENGL324 – Shakespeare
  • Two courses at the 300- or 400-level distributed as follows:
    • A course in American literature
    • A course in British literature OR cultural and theoretical studies
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